Catalog No: FGBG 4856.AR


1.When I Depart7:30
1.Promised Land6:53
1.One More Embrace8:01
1.The Light13.21
1.The Fight8:24


Jürgen Wimpelberg   Keyboards, Vocals
Stefan Mageney   Vocals
Mario Schramme   Guitars
Werner Schimaniak         Guitars, Sitar, Tambura
Reinhard Schulte   Bass
Rainer Niklowitz   Drums, Percussion
Manfred Degener   Cello

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Arranged, recorded, mixed, composed and all wordsby Jürgen Wimpelberg between 2007 and 2009 inABACUS Studio Hamm.

Mastering at Mastering Ranch by Eroc.

Layout by Robert Valet.

Graphic design:

Holger Schoemann

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